The SELF-FUNDED health benefits program involves limiting the LIABILITY of medical claims the Employer pays to the maximum set by the Plan YOU design!  OneSource examines each medical claim for Compliance to your Plan design specifications.  Claims checks are issued by OneSource from YOUR corporate Trust account set up at YOUR bank.  If your Group has a healthy year, the cash left in the Trust account is YOUR SAVINGS!  If health claims exceed the pre-set maximum, the stop-loss (catastrophic) insurance takes over to reimburse the Employer for all claims exceeding the maximum.


Why Self-Funding?


FLEXIBIITY:  Allows YOU to design a Health Plan that meets Employee needs like Wellness benefits and healthcare screenings because Self-Funding Plans are governed under the Federal ERISA law instead of State laws.


SECURITY:    Stop-Loss catastrophic re-insurance LIMITS your Medical, Prescription, and Dental liability

 1.  Specific Stop Loss - protects & reimburses Plan

      against a SINGLE catastrophic loss

 2.  Aggregate Stop Loss - protects & reimburses the

      Plan when total claims exceed expected Claims;

      limits Plan's exposure due to unexpectedly higher

      claims usage and other circumstances that may

      increase costs



REDUCTION:  The total costs for Medical claims are no more than the annual costs of a traditional "fully-insured" plan.  The advantages to an Employer is that if your group plan has a healthy year and claims are less than projected, the Trust

Account cash left over is your SAVINGS that would have

gone to the Insurance company.